The Adventure Begins!

Welcome to our blog! We hope to be able to use this forum to share with you, our friends and family, photos and tales of our travels.

Lookin’ damp and bedraggled on our honeymoon.

In case you’re new here or haven’t already heard the story, Martin and I decided that we wanted to quit our jobs and spend an extended period of time traveling around the world and kicking things off our bucket lists. While we were on our honeymoon in New Zealand in February 2016, we learned that our group had pulled permits to raft the Grand Canyon in October 2017. That got us thinking and so we made the (obviously logical) decision to just quit and turn it into an opportunity to see more of the world!

We’ve spent the last year quietly scheming and planning, and after careful consideration, Martin and I both finally gave notice at our jobs. Both of us will be officially leaving in early to mid-April which should hopefully give us plenty of time to, you know, pack up our entire lives and see all of our friends and family one last time and finish any last-minute shopping and definitely not stress out about any of it… Plus we have some exciting events planned in that time as well, like seeing Hamilton (!!!) with friends, going with my parents to see Alec Baldwin, celebrating some milestone family birthdays, and hopefully getting up to Seattle to see our family and friends there.

While we have been theoretically planning for over a year now, we’ve only just begun in earnest to make actual plans within the last few months. Our very rough general itinerary is to: explore and backpack around Europe for 5 months (early May through early October); roadtrip around the Southwest and then raft the Grand Canyon (early October to mid-November); hang out around the Bay Area for the holidays (mid-November through end of December); and, finally, adventure around Southeast Asia for four to five months (beginning of 2018).

We are so excited (and a bit nervous!) for the adventures to begin. I can’t believe we are getting so close! We hope you will follow along with us as we share our experiences, lessons learned, adventures, and travel photos. We will certainly miss being in close proximity to our family and friends, so be sure to keep us posted on your lives and adventures, too!

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