We arrived home safely at the beginning of October and had a few weeks to recover and repack. We left Berkeley again last week and have been exploring the Southwest and camping out of the back of my dad’s Tacoma. Now we are in Flagstaff, AZ getting ready to take off on the Grand Canyon for three weeks of rafting!

There are still more stories to come from our time in Europe: Our adventures through Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Hercegovina; hanging out with my family in Venice and Bologna; and then our last week and a half which we spent in Alba, in the Piedmont region of Italy. A lot still to share, but unfortunately time got away from me and we haven’t had a chance to get fully up to date.

We will be rafting on the Colorado with 14 other people for twenty-one days. Looking forward to some time in the outdoors and hanging out with friends (and making new friends, hopefully!). We will be back in civilization in mid-November and will generally be around home for Thanksgiving and the holidays.

Signing off now for a few weeks! Excited for this grand adventure and can’t wait to catch up with everyone when we get back.

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